Company Profile

Annual Exports

16 Million pieces

Total Employees


Primary line of business

Mass Scale Screen Printing

Our Vision

A leading performer in screen printing industry. Our vision gives us a sense of direction. It captures our aspiration of being the best in everything we do.It is the basis for what we all stand ffor as a team. Our bright vision and leadership guides the choices and decisions our team leaders make day in and day out.

  • Our clients are at the center of what we do.
  • We value, challenge and reward our teammates for their performance.
  • We drive excellent and sustainable growth year after year.

Our history

Since 2014 Fortune Fashions Baja has attained remarkable achievements in quality and production record numbers.

Efficient Quality control team helped delivering as per clients’ satisfaction.

Price tickets with bar codes and RFID tickets are printed and programmed on site since early 2015.
All kinds of carton labels, size strips and UCC labels are also printed on site. Highly professional team is employed to carry out these tasks.

Our Values

We work in a peaceful environment.

All our workers are treated with due respect.

Any kind of abuse is strictly prohibited.

Vision Statement

A yearly motivation quote is introduced to all the admin and production staff.

  • Si se puede (Yes, I can do it) was the vision statement printed on the uniforms (T Shirts) of all the employees in 2015.
  • Todo bien (all is good, referring to quality) in 2016.
  • Excelente! (Excellent!) in 2017.
  • Somos los mejores (We are the best) is the vision statement for 2018.

Social Security, health and safety

Human Resources makes sure all the hiring is in total compliance with local laws and client’s requirements.

Social security , Infonavit (House loan) contributions are available to all employees.
Fondo de ahorro (Employees saving plan, just like 401K in the US) is being adopted this year.
On site nurse and clinic is available for immediate help for all the work shifts.
Plant is in compliance with all the safety requirements including Fire.
Regular safety drills/ training programs are in place.

Human Resources

Fortune Fashions is an equal opportunity employer.
Hiring procedures are in total compliance with local laws and clients’ requirements.
Child labor is totally prohibited.
Female workers have full protection against any possible abuse.


Performance Bonuses
Based on performance an efficient bonus plan is in place for the workers.

Goal Oriented
Time to time a GOAL is tied to a surprise bonus.

Holding Eye camps, Moms and kids fun party, Summer camps and an extravagant Christmas party keeps the workers excited, happy and involved.

Facilities for workers

Clean and well maintained bathrooms.
Dining room.
Guarded outside parking.
On site Canteen providing fresh and affordable meals every working day.
On site clinic.
A Game room is under construction for the workers to use in their breaks.
Transportation provided.


Fortune Fashions currently enjoys a GREEN status with Kohls, Target, Walmart, Primark and Disneyland.

For Exports to U S, Fortune also enjoys the status of being in compliance with C-Tpat.